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Student Stories

Zani Meaders is a sophomore track and field athlete whose season came to an end due to COVID.
photo:  Steve Zylius

Celebrate UCI’s diverse student body and learn more about their individual challenges, goals and successes.

Stories of Resilience During the Pandemic

We Are UCI NEW 5

We are all facing new challenges with the pandemic. But when we hear stories from our peers, we can better adapt and thrive.

Student as Researchers

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A big part of the undergraduate experience is research. Learn more about students and their research.

Startup Stories

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Discover how UCI supports student innovation and empowers the next wave of “ANTrepreneurs.”

First Gen Stories

Jocelyne Munoz is a third year student in the school of Education
photo:  Steve Zylius/UCI

Promoting UCI as a supporter of the American Dream

Anteaters in the Professional World

From left, UCI students Eeron D. Wilson II, and Chasen Greene chat at the CBCRR office.
photo: Steve Zylius/UCI
Center for Black Cultures, Resources & Research (CBCRR) at the UCI student center
photo:  Steve Zylius/UCI

Students moving into their professional lives